Monday, 23 July 2012

Look how long it is (again) since I wrote! I'm clearly not the best blog keeper in the world lol.

So much has been happening.  It would be hard to fill you in on it and maybe you aren't that interested anyway, so let's begin a new page!

I'm currently fighting to save my dog from the BSL (Breed-specific legislation)
You can catch up and follow those happenings (which I've updated much better than this) on facebook at: Save Our Spud  
Or if you'd like to help please sign (and share) Spud's petition at: Sign and Share Spud's petition here 
You can follow Spud on Twitter at @SaveOurSpud
And Spud has a regularly updated blog here at Blogger.
Spud has been in police kennels for 5 months now, so all in all it's been a stressful and busy time. 

I'm also doing some on-line art courses.  Actually I seem to always be doing that, but I have some new ones that I'll be sharing my work from.

I finished daily trips to the hospital (Yay!) That was tiring leading right up to Christmas, but thankfully now I hope it's behind me for a while at least. 

So here I am again, trying to discipline myself enough to do the blog. Onward and Upwards, it's never too later to start over again.

 Painting I did from one of my new courses at: Doll Dreams, I'm making a Junk Journal out of old magazines, junk mails, flyers etc and this is Peter Andre's Daughter, Princess Tiaamii Crystal Esther Andre.
Here's another new one from that same course. These are Black and White Scribble faces, all to go into my Junk Journal 
And this is a poster I made for Spud's Group. FREE SPUD! END BSL.

Thanks so much for still being here with me, I'm sorry I've been so lame with my blog.  Now let's see if I can change that this time. 
Blessings, Happy Monday
Bev. xxx