Saturday, 2 October 2010

Where does the time go?

Shame on me!  Nearly two whole months have gone past without me posting anything!

My eldest daughter has given me my very 1st grandchild!  It has been a roller coaster of emotions.  My daughter has had 3 strokes and having a baby was a huge decision.  It is something she has always longed for and also posed a huge risk to her health, while she was expecting she also had the added complication of finding a hole in her heart.  In hindsight I hadn't allowed myself to get too excited about the coming birth and the morning she went into labour was a nerve racking wait.  Praise God she had a 5 hour first labour and delivered a beautiful 6lb baby boy!  How exciting.  What a blessing he has been to her already, he is absolutely gorgeous!
Beautiful Baby Archie

So besides having my 1st Grandchild, who I'm delighted with, other things are changing for me also.  Today we re-homed my beautiful American Bulldog Amos.  It has been a very sad and painful process for us, finding him the best home that we could.  He has been a pleasure, what an intelligent and beautiful, loving boy he is.  Sadly, as he's grown, my husbands arthritis in his elbows has got increasingly worse and Amos has got harder to handle.  We are already missing him greatly, I'm hoping to have an update on how he's settled with his new family but for now we are very sad to see him leave us and our cute little terrier, Sid, must wonder where he's gone.

I'm currently searching the Internet for workshops and groups and reading new blogs, taking in as much information as I can handle as my art is changing direction yet again!  For a while now I haven't made very much new jewellery and I've been interested in getting back into my mixed media artwork and journaling.  We have been looking into running Messy Church at our local church and I am very interested in multi-sensory worship and would love to incorporate my art somehow in that direction.

All things change and I can feel another chapter opening in my life right now and I want to express that in my art work.  I briefly thought about starting a new blog for people that would be interested maybe in that new direction, but as I am constantly growing and changing, I figured I could possibly end up with 100's of 'new' blogs so it was best to reflect who I truly am here.  I hope you will stay for the ride.

Sunday, 8 August 2010


I haven't been around for a week or so as I've been busy trying to book a craft fair somewhere, which has been harder than I thought it might be!  And also one of my sons has managed to break his foot in FOUR places!!! So I've been busy with hospitals and caring for him

Anyway as a way to apologise for being so boring on-line I'm offering a free give-a-way already!

I made some fruit bats some time ago from recycled soda/pop cans and they proved very popular, so I've made a mango fruit bat fridge magnet (that was a mouthful!) to give away to somebody.  All you have to do is go and visit my facebook page (link at the side) and 'like' my page, then leave a message on the fruit bat. That's it!  I'll be drawing a name at random on Monday evening (UK time) and will ship anywhere in the world!  So get on over there and say hello :)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Weekends at the Seaside, Selling online & Doodling fun!

Titles can be so challenging, blogging is making me realise how more often than not, my life doesn't often 'go together' lol.
Spent the weekend at my 'bungalow' by the sea - yes, the gypsy caravan.

Such a relaxing place for me to be.  My eldest son came down with his girlfriend and all in all we had a lovely time together.

Today - drum roll please .............. I SOLD my 1st item of jewellery on-line!  How exciting! I wasn't sure it would ever happen, everybody else said it would but I tend to doubt myself sometimes, so this really is very good news for me.  So for my blogging record (is there such a thing?) here is the very 1st sale

Another 1st for me - today I joined Doodle Schmoodle over at  Betty's Place I'm not altogether sure what I was thinking as I'm not the worlds best illustrator but I had seen kittypinkstars doodles, her work is so amazing and it looked like fun, so I joined up.  Today is Day 3, here are my 1st attempts

So, I've been busy (and taken up a new hobby doodling) I need to make some more jewellery, get parcels off in the mail, send a present I'm working on to a dear friend overseas - Oh and this weekend I'm back at the gypsy van and hoping to take an art class at a festival down there!
Blessings to you all until next time x

Friday, 16 July 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I haven't been here for a few days, I wonder if anybody noticed as I'm still so new?  I actually had a bit of a dilemma.  I have been reading articles on-line about how to build a blog, find blogs, get people to find you etc. etc. Anyway, most were in agreement that you had to 'specialise' to get a following.  Otherwise people would have to sift through loads of 'rubbish' to find what they were actually interested in.  It does, of course, seem obvious BUT, I don't want to lol!  Which left me wondering what to do exactly?

My blog was meant to be the one place where I could 'waffle', where things didn't necessarily have to be 'right'.  I have places on-line where it's easy to see things I focus on.  You can find me on flickr, facebook, at misi, to name a few, and those links are in my sidebar.  But I find it hard to focus, to concentrate, I'm not sure if it's the artist in me, or perhaps I have ADHD or something, or maybe a bit of both?  But this was my 'unload' place.  So, I've decided (at last) that is EXACTLY what it will be!  It's for me, if people want to follow along for the sometimes mad ride, the highs, and the tears and the drama in my life, that would be GREAT!  I'd love them to do that, at the end of the day I do want to connect with others, that's the point, but if it's boring or disjointed in some way then so be it.  Perhaps people will tag along more experienced than me and help with a few pointers, perhaps I'll learn along the way, perhaps not.  Let's 'Keep calm & carry on' and see what unfolds.

Apart from already being blogger confused, I have, as well been creating and trying to fill my new shop.  So many 'news', it's exciting and a bit scary as well.  For now I'll leave you with some of the new creations.

Thanks for being here, please comment too, it does mean a lot to me.  Bye for now......

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Birthdays and Gift Giving x

So today is my dear Sister-in-Laws birthday - Happy Birthday Hayley!
I spent all of today house cleaning and thinking about what I want to achieve in the house.  I've decided, probably like a lot of people, that I have way too much clutter here and will probably be heading over to the (e)Bay and doing some listing there.  It not only passes along some of the 'stuff' to new homes but makes me some pennies to get more supplies.
Hayley's gift (as promised yesterday)

I made her a little 1 inch square memory glass soldered pendant with her initial on one side and her favourite childhood memory, the space hopper on the other.  I also covered the little box in matching paper and finished off with some retro ribbon ~ Personally I liked the box as much as the contents! lol.  I think she was pleased with it x

So, tomorrow my mum is coming over and then if I get time, I think I will be sorting out some eBay bargains. I'm also making plans for some hama bead retro inspired jewellery.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Works in Progress

Today I've been in the shed 'playing'.  I seem to have had one of those days when lots of things ended up not at all how I imagined them!
I've been working on a birthday present for my sister-in-law which I'll show you tomorrow.  And some more repurposed tin pendants.  Here's my desk that I promised I'd show you.  The MOST important thing I have is obviously my very large cup of coffee lol.

Works in Progress.

I've also started work on a new daisy jewellery collection, that is loosely based on a pendant my best friend had.  Hers was gold and silver and purchased from a boutique in town, it was lovely. Mine had a past life as a plastic bottle and has been patiently cut by hand. I have a bracelet planned to match (and perhaps some other pieces too) but I need to shop for some more supplies. It's a perfect new set for the lovely summer days we're having.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Car Boot Bargains & New Pendant Designs

Today I went down to the local car boot sale and picked up some bargains.

Two brand new, sealed craft kits, a small vintage dolls house sideboard (10p!) cute vest top with silver sequins, candle wall holder and beautiful ethnic looking metal canister.

These items I will use for displaying jewellery at shows.  The little mirrored cupboard, originally meant for ornaments, I am going to paint and re-vamp a little.

How GORGEOUS are these! A set of jewelled, shabby chic, crystal items, so pretty! Two photograph frames and two nightlight holders all for just £1.  I will be keeping these.

Today I worked some more on the repurposed tin pendants that I make.  Somebody had requested a double sided one and I had to design them differently to make it possible.  It turned out to be quite a challenge (have I said this already?) Anyway, I eventually found a way to do it and delivered the pendant to a very happy customer and I'm intending to make some more this way and put them in the shop, as it worked out better than I expected.

Hope you've all had a productive and happy weekend and I'd like to leave you with a thought (and a really cute pic of the fur babies!)

A silent hug means a thousand words to an unhappy heart." unknown author
Wishing you all a Blessed week x

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Family ~ Shopping ~ Creative Fun

The weekend at my house is busy as usual.  The girl came around on Friday and we took our semi-regular baby bump photograph.  This time I made a collage of them for her to take away.  I can't wait to have the whole pregnancy, plus 'baby in arms' for the finale.  It's all so exciting mixed with all the usual worries about their health.  Lucy has had 3 strokes and it makes the pregnancy somewhat complicated and worrying (although to be fair, she is NOT worrying, it would seem only I am doing that! lol)
This is her at 17 weeks, 19 weeks, Baby Scan 21 weeks, Lucy at 21 weeks and her looking positively gorgeous and 'blooming' at 27 weeks.

Today I went into town with the younger girls to get a birthday present for one of their friends. The town was busy at it was market day.  I found a lovely little vintage stall there where I could've shopped happily all day!
Tonight I have been 'playing' in the shed (I was going to call it 'the studio', which of course sounds so much classier, but to be fair it's a shed and anyway, it kinda suits me and has a certain ring to it lol, so that's what we'll stick with)  I've been trying to make my recycled tin pendants double sided as my sons friend has requested one, this proved more of a challenge than I thought but it's looking promising now, as soon as I have anything to show i'll let you know.  I also finally made my own sea glass pendant.  I have some of them in my misi shop but this one is for me.
Oh how I LOVE sea glass! <3
Tomorrow I'm at Church and my mum is coming over for lunch.  I'll try and finish the tin pendant if I get time but no promises.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

Who? I guess that's me.
I'm Beverley. I am a mixed media, Indie, art designer, which basically means I make things! LOTS of things. I love to create.  I have a little misi shop on-line where I sell my jewellery, stationary, housewares, gifts, art and other many varied creations that I make in my home studio (that's my little shed in the garden).
I like to recycle, re-make, re-use, re-fashion, wherever possible so lots of my items are one of a kind (ooak) unique things that you will not see anywhere else.

Here I am. I don't change colour that often in real life, although sometimes I'd like to.  I am 44 years old. A Christian, wife, and mother to five children.
That's them!
My 1st Grand Son is due in October and we are all looking forward to that.
We also share our home with two gorgeous fur babies

Sid is a Yorkie x Jack Russell and Amos is an American Bulldog.
Lots of things inspire my work, I love the sea and we have a little hide-away caravan by the beach where I spend lots of my time. I love to hunt through junk shops and car boots for vintage and unusual bits and pieces.
My new mission is to re-style our home using as many recycled or re-purposed items as I can.  I hope you'll want to stay with me on that journey and be inspired and share some of your own ideas with me along the way.
I'll be showing you my little workshop, my desk, the stash, work in progress, telling you about the new things I have planned for the shop, showing you my home, the before and after shots and sharing a little of my day to day life, dreams, fears and loves with you.
I do hope you'll make a mug of coffee, pull up a chair and share some of it with me. Please leave me a comment, share your own blogs and ideas and take the time to connect. I'd love to hear from you!