Tuesday, 4 January 2011

January Art Journaling

Although this post probably says 4th January as it technically is, it is actually still 'my' 3rd January - 2.30am but I still haven't gone to bed yet, which means whatever the time it's not yet my 'tomorrow' (did you follow? lol)
Today has been a fairly busy day for me with family and life and I have only just finished my art journaling for the day!  I'm a proper night owl, this is actually quite 'normal' for me.

My art journal prompting today was to carve my own stamp to use.  This is something I haven't actually done before, so I don't have any carving tools.  I tried carving a potato, which I vaguely remember my Mum doing for me when I was a child but I failed miserably.  Eventually I cut out recycled cardboard shapes and glued them onto a cardboard base.  This of course wasn't really 'carving' but I did still make a workable stamp, which made me think I could probably make one of a kind craft stamps out of other things, which of course would make my art more unique and save tons of money as well (and of course recycle, which fits in nicely with my projects for this year)

All in all then, quiet a productive day I think!

Here are some photographs of the creative process in ... process :)

Let me know what you think.

This is my recycled pizza box.  I cut two equal sized squares and cut shapes out of one and glued to the other to make my stamp.

I used a recycled newspaper (black page) ripped in random shapes and glued to my journal page. Added white acrylic paint to my handmade stamp to cover my newspaper background.

And this is my finished journal page with a white scrap paper journal box for me to write in later.  Here are the close up elements of the page:
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