Saturday, 2 October 2010

Where does the time go?

Shame on me!  Nearly two whole months have gone past without me posting anything!

My eldest daughter has given me my very 1st grandchild!  It has been a roller coaster of emotions.  My daughter has had 3 strokes and having a baby was a huge decision.  It is something she has always longed for and also posed a huge risk to her health, while she was expecting she also had the added complication of finding a hole in her heart.  In hindsight I hadn't allowed myself to get too excited about the coming birth and the morning she went into labour was a nerve racking wait.  Praise God she had a 5 hour first labour and delivered a beautiful 6lb baby boy!  How exciting.  What a blessing he has been to her already, he is absolutely gorgeous!
Beautiful Baby Archie

So besides having my 1st Grandchild, who I'm delighted with, other things are changing for me also.  Today we re-homed my beautiful American Bulldog Amos.  It has been a very sad and painful process for us, finding him the best home that we could.  He has been a pleasure, what an intelligent and beautiful, loving boy he is.  Sadly, as he's grown, my husbands arthritis in his elbows has got increasingly worse and Amos has got harder to handle.  We are already missing him greatly, I'm hoping to have an update on how he's settled with his new family but for now we are very sad to see him leave us and our cute little terrier, Sid, must wonder where he's gone.

I'm currently searching the Internet for workshops and groups and reading new blogs, taking in as much information as I can handle as my art is changing direction yet again!  For a while now I haven't made very much new jewellery and I've been interested in getting back into my mixed media artwork and journaling.  We have been looking into running Messy Church at our local church and I am very interested in multi-sensory worship and would love to incorporate my art somehow in that direction.

All things change and I can feel another chapter opening in my life right now and I want to express that in my art work.  I briefly thought about starting a new blog for people that would be interested maybe in that new direction, but as I am constantly growing and changing, I figured I could possibly end up with 100's of 'new' blogs so it was best to reflect who I truly am here.  I hope you will stay for the ride.