Thursday, 13 October 2011

Hospital Visits and Art

Good Evening.  Firstly I'd like to thank everyone that signed up recently to follow my blog in different ways and the love and support I've had on facebook from so many.  I've been overwhelmed by how kind everybody has been - Thank you, it means so much and helps make the days so much more bearable.

I'm also sorry that as yet I haven't replied to so many, I've found my life has transformed into an almost never ending circle of hospital visits and catching up with friends and family as well as the normal everyday round of housework, shopping, cooking, etc. etc.  I'm already exhausted LOL!  I can only imagine how I will feel once my treatment begins.

Today I had to go to the hospital to have my MRI scan to determine how large and deep my tumour is and if my cancer has spread or not.  Now again I  have to wait until Tuesday for the results of that.  I'm not the worlds best 'waiter' lol.

My doctor gave me some Valium for the MRI scan as I have a dreaded fear of being enclosed and just the thought of it had freaked me out.  The nurses are all so kind and patient.  I was quite proud of how brave I was being and what a warrior I was, until I came out to see a child of about 10, who had lost his hair to chemo and was standing with a happy smile for me waiting for his turn! Life has a habit of bringing reality sharply home to you sometimes.

My apologies for the lack of photos at the moment, I have to admit to being easily bored if things don't have pictures to look at lol, however I haven't found image appropriate content the last few days?

I've found my current situation to have had a plus side already, something to perhaps be grateful for.  My art is a powerful release in my life and recently I've done very little, I've been 'stuck' somehow, with few glimpses of inspiration and doubts about if I ever make anything that can be considered 'good enough' (for 'what' exactly I'm not sure?)  Anyway recently I've signed up for some on-line classes that I'll try to link to later, when I have a working brain cell to try and figure it out.  I'm slightly concerned that I've put my name down for about 5 courses that all start around the same time and will come in time with the beginning of my treatment.  Maybe that was a little optimistic?  But I tend to be an all or nothing person anyway and the courses are mostly self paced, so I'm hoping it will be a blessing and not something to stress about.  I've already found though that my creative side is 'speaking' to me more clearly and that, I love!

My Thanks again to you all, your presence means the world to me and I really hope and pray you'll pop in and stay a while with me occasionally and perhaps I'll get to know some of you so much more over time.
Love and Blessing to you all
Bev. x


  1. Hang in there, Beverley ... I can imagine how much you hate waiting for those results, I guess everyone would HATE that! I#ll keep my fingers crossed for you. And maybe, just maybe, the universe told you to get into those classes so you have something different to think about? Good luck with your art - can't wait to see pictures of it!!

  2. Bev, just having you keep us posted is enough. You have way to much going on to expect yourself to respond individually to every comment. Take care of yourself, and know we are here for you whenever you need us.

  3. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I'll have to add some more info on how to secure the fairy inside. What I did was create "tabs" on her feet which I folded back and applied a sticky glue to the bottom to stick to the bottom of the jar. Then carefully arranged the "foliage" to cover this up. Viola! At least it worked for me. :)