Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Today was a LONG day!

I left the house for the hospital this morning at about 8.05am.  I had a pre-surgical appointment at 9am and a consultants appointment at 9.30am.  The short story is: pre-surgical were running late AND that appointment takes approximately an hour anyway, so they re-booked me for 2.30pm.  I saw the consultants registrar who told me they had seen something 'else' suspicious on my MRI scan and were sending me back to ultra sound and possibly biopsy, which meant I STILL wouldn't have any results until about Thursday, but it wasn't looking good.  I'm cutting it all short as I'm very tired this evening and really need to relax, but that whole experience took a long time and stressed me out more than I can explain in words! 

Thankfully (Praise God!) I went for the ultra sound and they thought my second suspicious lump was probably a cyst, so they did a needle aspiration and indeed drained it - immediate panic (mine, not theirs) over. :)

I eventually got my pre-surgical assessment, after time out to shop for my mums birthday on Thursday, some meds as I have a bacteria on my skin swabs to clear up before surgery day and FINALLY got back home, very tired, very stressed, but back on track with hopefully the news that we wanted - That surgery will be on Monday, hopefully a lumpectomy and some lymph glands for testing and possibly home the same day?  And then will be recovery, results, radiotherapy and whatever else they recommend depending on what they find.

Photo of the day is one of my pre-surgery assessment that D.H. took and put on Facebook before I'd even left the room! LOL.

Thank you so much for all the support you've all given me.  I do appreciate it and it brightens my days no end.  I'm so sorry that I haven't had the time to get back to so many of you, I feel awful about it. I hope you'll forgive me.

Until next time
Much Love
Bev. xx


  1. Yippie !! I was hoping for a result like this - kept my fingers crossed for most of the day ;-)) So sorry about the nightmare you had to endure today - what an emotional rollercoaster ... Good idea to get some rest now - and don't worry about not getting back to people, everybody will understand that, you have now some more important things on your mind ;-))

  2. Hurrah for aspirated cysts!! That bit of news was a relief to read. As for the rest, I'll have everything crossed for a straightforward lumpectomy, and cooperative lymph glands... You must have felt shattered when you got home - long day is one thing but stress is exhausting. Look after yourself and get lots of rest; you need to build yourself up a bit, eh hon? *smooch* Brave girl. xx

  3. Hang in there girl. Rest, rest, and rest!