Monday, 5 July 2010

Car Boot Bargains & New Pendant Designs

Today I went down to the local car boot sale and picked up some bargains.

Two brand new, sealed craft kits, a small vintage dolls house sideboard (10p!) cute vest top with silver sequins, candle wall holder and beautiful ethnic looking metal canister.

These items I will use for displaying jewellery at shows.  The little mirrored cupboard, originally meant for ornaments, I am going to paint and re-vamp a little.

How GORGEOUS are these! A set of jewelled, shabby chic, crystal items, so pretty! Two photograph frames and two nightlight holders all for just £1.  I will be keeping these.

Today I worked some more on the repurposed tin pendants that I make.  Somebody had requested a double sided one and I had to design them differently to make it possible.  It turned out to be quite a challenge (have I said this already?) Anyway, I eventually found a way to do it and delivered the pendant to a very happy customer and I'm intending to make some more this way and put them in the shop, as it worked out better than I expected.

Hope you've all had a productive and happy weekend and I'd like to leave you with a thought (and a really cute pic of the fur babies!)

A silent hug means a thousand words to an unhappy heart." unknown author
Wishing you all a Blessed week x

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