Thursday, 1 July 2010

Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

Who? I guess that's me.
I'm Beverley. I am a mixed media, Indie, art designer, which basically means I make things! LOTS of things. I love to create.  I have a little misi shop on-line where I sell my jewellery, stationary, housewares, gifts, art and other many varied creations that I make in my home studio (that's my little shed in the garden).
I like to recycle, re-make, re-use, re-fashion, wherever possible so lots of my items are one of a kind (ooak) unique things that you will not see anywhere else.

Here I am. I don't change colour that often in real life, although sometimes I'd like to.  I am 44 years old. A Christian, wife, and mother to five children.
That's them!
My 1st Grand Son is due in October and we are all looking forward to that.
We also share our home with two gorgeous fur babies

Sid is a Yorkie x Jack Russell and Amos is an American Bulldog.
Lots of things inspire my work, I love the sea and we have a little hide-away caravan by the beach where I spend lots of my time. I love to hunt through junk shops and car boots for vintage and unusual bits and pieces.
My new mission is to re-style our home using as many recycled or re-purposed items as I can.  I hope you'll want to stay with me on that journey and be inspired and share some of your own ideas with me along the way.
I'll be showing you my little workshop, my desk, the stash, work in progress, telling you about the new things I have planned for the shop, showing you my home, the before and after shots and sharing a little of my day to day life, dreams, fears and loves with you.
I do hope you'll make a mug of coffee, pull up a chair and share some of it with me. Please leave me a comment, share your own blogs and ideas and take the time to connect. I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Hey Bev!
    The blog is looking good! I'm adding you to my blogroll. Can't wait to see what adventures you go on to upcycle decorate your should be a fun and interesting time!

  2. Thank you Melissa xxx It's good to know that I won't be blogging entirely to myself lol. I have loved looking at your blog for some time now, you are always so inspiring and such a great artist. It's good to finally be on board. Thanks for all your help x

  3. What a cool blog!! Congrats on the first grandchild - there is NOTHING better!!
    I love all your stuffs!!!
    I REALLY REALLY want to share a cup of coffee with you!!!

  4. :D Hi Karen! x
    Thanks for coming by to look at the blog. You KNOW you can come drink coffee with me ANYTIME you are passing! I look forward GREATLY to that day! xx