Friday, 16 July 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I haven't been here for a few days, I wonder if anybody noticed as I'm still so new?  I actually had a bit of a dilemma.  I have been reading articles on-line about how to build a blog, find blogs, get people to find you etc. etc. Anyway, most were in agreement that you had to 'specialise' to get a following.  Otherwise people would have to sift through loads of 'rubbish' to find what they were actually interested in.  It does, of course, seem obvious BUT, I don't want to lol!  Which left me wondering what to do exactly?

My blog was meant to be the one place where I could 'waffle', where things didn't necessarily have to be 'right'.  I have places on-line where it's easy to see things I focus on.  You can find me on flickr, facebook, at misi, to name a few, and those links are in my sidebar.  But I find it hard to focus, to concentrate, I'm not sure if it's the artist in me, or perhaps I have ADHD or something, or maybe a bit of both?  But this was my 'unload' place.  So, I've decided (at last) that is EXACTLY what it will be!  It's for me, if people want to follow along for the sometimes mad ride, the highs, and the tears and the drama in my life, that would be GREAT!  I'd love them to do that, at the end of the day I do want to connect with others, that's the point, but if it's boring or disjointed in some way then so be it.  Perhaps people will tag along more experienced than me and help with a few pointers, perhaps I'll learn along the way, perhaps not.  Let's 'Keep calm & carry on' and see what unfolds.

Apart from already being blogger confused, I have, as well been creating and trying to fill my new shop.  So many 'news', it's exciting and a bit scary as well.  For now I'll leave you with some of the new creations.

Thanks for being here, please comment too, it does mean a lot to me.  Bye for now......

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  1. You have labels on your blog! Thus, if someone wanted to find something specific they can just use the search! no worries :D