Sunday, 4 July 2010

Family ~ Shopping ~ Creative Fun

The weekend at my house is busy as usual.  The girl came around on Friday and we took our semi-regular baby bump photograph.  This time I made a collage of them for her to take away.  I can't wait to have the whole pregnancy, plus 'baby in arms' for the finale.  It's all so exciting mixed with all the usual worries about their health.  Lucy has had 3 strokes and it makes the pregnancy somewhat complicated and worrying (although to be fair, she is NOT worrying, it would seem only I am doing that! lol)
This is her at 17 weeks, 19 weeks, Baby Scan 21 weeks, Lucy at 21 weeks and her looking positively gorgeous and 'blooming' at 27 weeks.

Today I went into town with the younger girls to get a birthday present for one of their friends. The town was busy at it was market day.  I found a lovely little vintage stall there where I could've shopped happily all day!
Tonight I have been 'playing' in the shed (I was going to call it 'the studio', which of course sounds so much classier, but to be fair it's a shed and anyway, it kinda suits me and has a certain ring to it lol, so that's what we'll stick with)  I've been trying to make my recycled tin pendants double sided as my sons friend has requested one, this proved more of a challenge than I thought but it's looking promising now, as soon as I have anything to show i'll let you know.  I also finally made my own sea glass pendant.  I have some of them in my misi shop but this one is for me.
Oh how I LOVE sea glass! <3
Tomorrow I'm at Church and my mum is coming over for lunch.  I'll try and finish the tin pendant if I get time but no promises.
Have a great weekend!

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