Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Weekends at the Seaside, Selling online & Doodling fun!

Titles can be so challenging, blogging is making me realise how more often than not, my life doesn't often 'go together' lol.
Spent the weekend at my 'bungalow' by the sea - yes, the gypsy caravan.

Such a relaxing place for me to be.  My eldest son came down with his girlfriend and all in all we had a lovely time together.

Today - drum roll please .............. I SOLD my 1st item of jewellery on-line!  How exciting! I wasn't sure it would ever happen, everybody else said it would but I tend to doubt myself sometimes, so this really is very good news for me.  So for my blogging record (is there such a thing?) here is the very 1st sale

Another 1st for me - today I joined Doodle Schmoodle over at  Betty's Place I'm not altogether sure what I was thinking as I'm not the worlds best illustrator but I had seen kittypinkstars doodles, her work is so amazing and it looked like fun, so I joined up.  Today is Day 3, here are my 1st attempts

So, I've been busy (and taken up a new hobby doodling) I need to make some more jewellery, get parcels off in the mail, send a present I'm working on to a dear friend overseas - Oh and this weekend I'm back at the gypsy van and hoping to take an art class at a festival down there!
Blessings to you all until next time x

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